I have arrived in NYC!

Thu 15 September 2011 by Thomas Van Doren

Six Days in New York City!

Tue 13 September 2011 by Thomas Van Doren

I found a cheap mid-week flight to New York City a few weeks ago on Kayak. I have used Kayak fairly often in the last year or two, and I have always been impressed! I am especially excited for the new Hacker Fares feature.

Enough about Kayak, though, I will …

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Eurotrip - Four Days in Firenze

Sat 26 March 2011 by Thomas Van Doren

I had an absolutely wonderful time in Florence! It is clearly a city for tourists, but the museums and landmarks are, none-the-less, magnificent. I was completely exhausted every night from walking around the small city and its museums. I probably gained five pounds just from eating the gelato every day …

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Europe - Itinerary

Sat 12 March 2011 by Thomas Van Doren

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will be traveling through Europe in the latter part of March into early April. I considered going to several places including Germany and Amsterdam, but ultimately I decided to go with my original plan. So, Zurich, Florence, Barcelona, and Paris are the …

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European Trek

Tue 15 February 2011 by Thomas Van Doren

I have booked a trip to Europe at the end of Winter quarter! w00t!

I will be flying in and out of Zurich. I am hoping to travel to two or three other countries during my 18 day adventure. I am considering Florence, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; and Paris, France. I …

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