New Blog Theme and Engine

Sun 13 July 2014 by Thomas Van Doren

Today I finally finished converting my blog from WordPress to Pelican. I have been meaning to do this for quite some time. I didn't really have any problems with WordPress, I just don't want to deal with a service anymore and static site generators now provide all the functionality I need. In fact, the fact that I can easily write code snippets directly in the posts is something I have long desired with WordPress. There are ways to do it in WP, but the ReStructured Text format is familiar to me and is natural/intuitive.

Comments are not avaiable. I don't know if I will enable them again; there were one or two useful comments out of the hundreds I received. I will most likely use Hacker News/Reddit comments when I post new things going forward.

The theme is tuxlite_tbs from the pelican-themes repo.

The source is available on github: thomasvandoren/ I may move the site to github pages, but for now I'm leaving it on my host behind CloudFlare and its awesome cache.