Fixing Master Boot Record on Windows 7

I recently removed the linux partition from my desktop. I had a linux partition, but it made sense to just use one windows partition and run linux in a vm.

Removing the partition is not a big deal. I just used the Windows Disk Management tool to remove the linux partition and expand the windows partition accordingly. I tried to fix the master boot record before rebooting, since GRUB was no longer required. Upon restart, however, I was met with a vague partition error followed by the grub restore prompt.

To remedy this problem so that windows would boot:

  • Boot from Windows 7 install disk.
  • Try Startup Repair (though it probably won’t work) in ‘Repair your computer’ > ‘System Recovery Options’.
  • Reboot – if it still doesn’t work, return to ‘System Recovery Options’ menu.
  • Open command prompt.
  • bootrec.exe /fixmbr
  • Reboot – it should boot directly to Windows 7.


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